Global Champagne Day

Global Champagne Day

by Westgarth Wines October 28, 2022

As much as we’d all love to drink Champagne daily, some people still consider it a special-occasions-only affair. If you happen to be one of those people and are itching to pop a cork with nary a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday, or promotion in sight to celebrate, Global Champagne Day, which falls on October 28th this year, was tailor made for you!

How to celebrate? You could build a Champagne Tower, but if you don’t fancy possibly spilling your bubbly, just pop a bottle of your favorite style and pour it into a tulip or a white wine glass. Sure, flutes may look celebratory, and coupes are chic, but the best way to not lose bubbles and be able to enjoy those fine aromatics is from a tulip or white wine glass.

As for what to put in your glass, there are myriad choices riding on your preferred style. One choice that will never let anyone down is the Champagne named for the monk everyone thinks invented Champagne – even though he actually was quite opposed to bubbles in his wine! That would be Dom Pérignon, of course, and If you want to boost the celebratory mood, with flair fit both for Global Champagne Day and upcoming All Hallow’s Eve, their luxury “Luminous” bottling may be up your alley. In keeping with Dom Pérignon’s constant innovation, the labels glow in the dark – a hint of the ethereal opulence inside the bottle!

Another fine choice would be Krug, a standard bearer for the region, and you’d do well to ring in Global Champagne Day with some in your glass. A rich and powerful style, Krug is well known for their Grand Cuvée – a non-vintage that is assembled and retooled each year with the goal of crafting the finest Champagne possible, regardless of the year. However, in those really exceptional years, Vintage Krug is a truly hedonistic offering that balances perfect acidity, structure, and complexity. Furthermore, their vintage single-vineyard Champagnes, Clos de Mesnil and Clos d’Ambonnay, show how a single grape variety from a single plot in a singular year can shine with impressive radiance.

If you’d like to celebrate like James Bond would (and surely he’d seize the excuse to pop some bubbles on Global Champagne Day) then look no further than Bollinger. Cherished for its richly full-bodied style, it has made numerous appearances in many a Bond film. So much so that the house even has a “James Bond 007 Millésime” named for him. This 100% Pinot Noir Blanc de Noirs maintains tremendous freshness while balancing Bollinger’s rich style.

For something a little bit niche, and a lot delectable, why not turn to a grower Champagne? While many big Champagne houses buy their grapes in, a grower house grows their own, meaning they have control over the wine from beginning to end. Egly-Ouriet is a prime example of a grower Champagne, supervising the wine from budbreak to bottling. The results are robust, powerful wines, described by some as “Burgundy with bubbles,” and always a deeply personal expression of the house.

Jacques Selosse is another popular grower Champagne. If you fancy yourself a rosé Champagne fan, the non-vintage brut rosé is celebrated for its intensity and brightness, coming from a blend of Chardonnay with a bit of Pinot Noir to bring color and a hint of red fruit complexity. The Selosse Blanc de Blancs is another perennial winner, which given that the domain is located in the Côte de Blancs, is no surprise. Most uniquely, however, the house has adopted the use of a solera system, allowing a perpetual blending approach with the single vineyard Blanc de Blancs “Substance” – a singularly unique and extraordinary champagne.

Finally, what better way to celebrate Global Champagne Day than with the first ever established Champagne House? Maison Ruinart was established in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart, who had learned the ways of “wine with bubbles” from his uncle, the monk Dom Thierry Ruinart. Particularly known for their Blanc de Blancs, Dom Ruinart is always a spectacular choice, known for its crisp and elegant style.

A final piece of advice – when you can, buy Champagne en magnum. Large format bottles can age even longer and, of course, provide twice the amount of liquid enjoyment for one pop of the cork. But if you must, you can always open a second bottle, after all, it IS Global Champagne Day.



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