Westgarth Wines:
When it comes to fine wine, we're with you every step of the way.


To be a wine enthusiast is to embrace a unique and extraordinary journey – one filled with adventure, indulgence, and the enjoyment of one of life’s greatest pleasures. In fact, it is a journey that truly informs a lifestyle.

As a globally-connected wine importer specializing in Old World wines, Westgarth Wines, can assist you in navigating your own exceptional wine experience. After nearly twenty years in the fine and rare wine industry, we have been fortunate to establish long-standing relationships with the world’s most highly regarded wine producing chateaux and suppliers. Complementing these relationships, our importer status allows us to directly source the finest wines on the market, simplify the often complicated procurement process, eliminate retail margins, and offer our clients exquisite, luxurious vintages at the most attractive prices available. In short, we're able to bring you an unrivaled access to quality and excellence that other wine merchants simply can't.

In tandem with delivering impeccable wines, we also provide our clients with concierge-style consultancy services. Whether you’re interested in investment grade wine from Bordeaux, or developing your personal cellar with more contemporary classics, our trained advisors will help you identify wines of notability, elegance and value, all tailored to your personal goals and preferences. You may even discover some amazing, unexpected treasures along the way.

The wine world is steeped in tradition, and Westgarth Wines respects its enduring history and practices. For this reason, we only sell wine by the case, and always in its original packaging. While this method of acquisition is a nod to the beauty of Old World customs, it also underlines the wine’s authenticity and provenance.

It is the mission of Westgarth Wines to create a lasting connection with each of its customers. With our signature approach to procurement and vast wine knowledge, we can impart the level of service that promises the perfect wine experience – one that energizes enjoyment into a life-long passion.

Westgarth Wines. We make it happen.

Alexander Westgarth, Founder & President


Hailing from the eclectic Hampstead region of London, Alexander Westgarth, Founder and President of Westgarth Wines, brings a truly elevated expertise in fine wine acquisition. Always curious about the world beyond the UK, he visited over 30 countries before the age of 21, sparking a fascination with wine and its cultural origins. Upon his return to England and the completion of his studies, Alex first took a job with a British asset management firm where he was trained in investment-caliber wines, and developed a reputation for being a savvy, sophisticated wine advisor to a globally-based clientele. After over a decade of consulting for other organizations, he launched Westgarth Wines to share his personal love for the vine with both collector and consumer markets.

Westgarth has been featured in publications including Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur as well as the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Daily News. A favorite on the talk circuit, he has frequently appeared on major-market talk radio broadcasts in Los Angeles and beyond, and served as a guest wine expert on numerous international podcasts. A first class oenophile, he currently resides in southern California.