Discover Barolo in six wines

Discover Barolo in six wines

by Westgarth Wines January 17, 2024

Barolo, often referred to as the "King of Wines" in Italy, is a region that commands deep respect and admiration in the world of wine. Located in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, Barolo is celebrated for its rich, full-bodied red wines made exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape. These wines are known for their ability to age gracefully, developing complex flavors over time.

Fast facts

Name: "Barolo" is likely to have derived from the historic Celtic language from a time when tribes inhabited parts of Northern Italy, with “bas reul” meaning “low area”. Geographically, the town is set lower than the surrounding cities.

Location: Situated in the rolling hills of Langhe, the Barolo region encompasses several communes including La Morra, Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d'Alba, and Monforte d'Alba. The area is renowned for its varied terroir.

Climate and Soil: The climate is continental, with significant variations between day and night temperatures, essential for the development of the Nebbiolo grape's aromatics. The soil composition varies greatly, ranging from calcareous marl to sandstone, each contributing to the unique profiles of Barolo wines.

Grapes: Nebbiolo is the sole grape variety allowed in Barolo wines. It is revered for its thin skin, high tannin, and acidity, which contribute to the wine's longevity and complex flavor profile.

Indulge in the wines:

Monfortino Riserva represents the pinnacle of Barolo. Produced by Giacomo Conterno, one of the all-time greats of Italian winemaking, this wine is a result of meticulous vineyard management and traditional winemaking methods. Known for its extraordinary complexity and depth, it is layered with dark fruit, tobacco, and earthy undertones, evolving beautifully over decades.

A legendary Barolo producer, Bartolo Mascarello was a stoic traditionalist who staunchly opposed the modernization of winemaking. To this day, Cantina Bartolo Mascarello makes one of the most revered Barolos in the world.

Blended from the estate's four crus and aged only in Slavonian casks, it is an enchanting, silkily textured expression of energy and remarkable focus. reflecting a comprehensive expression of the region and a classic example of traditional Barolo.

Bruno Giacosa's Falletto Riserva, specifically from the Falletto Vigna Le Rocche vineyard, is a testament to the art of winemaking from this highly respected and trendsetting producer. Even today, there exists no more poignant a name in Piedmontese wine.

It showcases the power and elegance of Barolo, with a complex bouquet of red fruits, spices, and a hint of truffle. The wine's graceful aging potential is a tribute to Giacosa's mastery in expressing the terroir of Barolo.

Angelo Gaja's Sperss, from the famed Langhe region, is a modern interpretation of Barolo. It combines traditional Nebbiolo characteristics with innovative winemaking techniques. Sperss is known for its rich texture, intense aromas of dark fruit and licorice, and a well-integrated oak presence, resulting in a Barolo that marries tradition with a contemporary edge.

Monprivato by Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio is a single-vineyard Barolo reflecting the unique characteristics of its terroir. This wine is celebrated for its finesse and complexity, offering a delicate balance of floral aromas, red berries, and subtle earthy notes. It epitomizes the elegance and the expressive potential of Nebbiolo.

Formerly known as Cannubi Boschis, Aleste is a vibrant expression of Barolo by the late Luciano Sandrone.

One of the original “Barolo Boys,” he sought knowledge from other regions in order to further the quality of his own wine, and while not bound by tradition, he combined both modern and traditional elements to create truly outstanding Barolos that sit among the greatest expressions.

Deep and multidimensional, these ethereal wines are ripe and smooth, finishing with a resoundingly elegant crescendo of stunning length.

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