Chateau Leoville Poyferre

One of the truly great and historic estates of Bordeaux, Léoville Poyferré gets its name from the Poyferré family who owned it until 1865. It was honored by being named as one of fifteen Second Growths by the 1855 Classification. The third arm of the Léoville triumvirate, which includes Léoville Las Cases and Léoville Barton, Léoville Poyferré was purchased by the Cuvelier family in 1920, where it has remained ever since. In 1979, Didier Cuvelier became the first actual family member to manage the estate, and is highly credited with bringing it into the modern age of winemaking through his innovations and improvements. He also initiated a 19-year long replanting program for the property, nearly doubling the already substantial estate to almost 200 acres. After bringing the château back to its former status, Didier retired in 2017, leaving the estate’s management to his niece, Sara Lecompte Cuvelier. Utilizing its terroir that includes Garonne gravel, Léoville Poyferré dedicates 85% of its vineyards to Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% to Merlot, and an unusually high 8% to Petit Verdot. The remaining 2% houses a small growth of Cabernet Franc. This represents a rethinking of the estate which had previously been dominated by Merlot. The style of Léoville Poyferré consists of lush, ripe fruit that easily marries aromas including cassis, spice and black fruits. Truffle and tobacco aromatics are also present, lending this wine its complexity and richness. Elegant and tannic, Saint-Julien’s Léoville Poyferré is nothing short of classic.

Blended Score
Under 85
85 to 100

Bottle Price
Under $50
$50 to $5,000

1900 to 2019
Include Non Vintage
Bottle Size