Near the southern end of the Haut-Médoc on Bordeaux's Left Bank is where Margaux, one of the most famous and celebrated wine sub-regions, resides. Home to the magical, first growth Chateau Margaux, the sound of its name evokes beauty, charm, and a caliber of wine that remains nearly unsurpassed. Perhaps this is why the Margaux appellation is the only Bordeaux region where the most famous chateau carries the same moniker.

Margaux is thought to be the first area in Bordeaux actually cultivated for vineyards. Evidence shows that grapes were planted by the Romans over two centuries ago, and Decimius Margaux Ausonious, a renowned poet of the times, made reference to the area, which he called "Marojallia," in his works.

The second largest appellation in the Medoc, massive Margaux covers nearly 1,400 hectares (or 3,500 acres). Along with the

Ranging from large deposit of gravel, to limestone with pebbles, stones and rocks to clay, and to a thin, rich topsoil, this complexity promotes deep root growth as well as good drainage. Running parallel to this diversity in soil is Margaux's ability to produce an equally varied range of red grape variety. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet franc Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carmenere all call Margaux home, with Cabernet Sauvignon being the grape grown. Finally, Margaux characteristic variety can be found in the flavor and textures of its wines, which range from delicate, supple offerings to those more powerfully tannic and concentrated. Along with the terroir, much of the credit for this impressive array must go to the skill and craftsmanship of some of the best winemaker in the world. Unlike the clearly divided plots of neighboring chateau, Margaux's vintners subscribe to the idea that vineyards should be more diluted and interspersed, resulting in winemaking practice and grape varietal choices playing larger roles in the character of the wines. The one constant among all the wine, however, is a presence of the violet aromas. This trait has led to Margaux's wines being called the most floral in all of Bordeaux.

Due to its size, the Margaux appellation features close to 80 winemaking chateau, with annual production reaching over 600,000 cases. The two best wines of the Margaux region remain first growth Chateau Margaux and third growth Chateau palmer, both held in the highest esteem among collectors, critics and connoisseurs and consumers alike. And, with a reputation that has inspired artists, writers, statesman and celebrities from Thomas Jefferson to Ernest Hemingway, Margaux is poised to remain one of the wine word's most distinguished regions.

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