Oak and barrel maturation: types of wood

Oak and barrel maturation: ...

by Maurizio Broggi February 29, 2024

Does wood really matter?

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Grape School: Petit Verdot

Grape School: Petit Verdot

by Westgarth Wines February 23, 2024

The secret spice in some of Bordeaux’s greatest wines

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Egly-Ouriet: a standard bearer for Grower Champagne

Egly-Ouriet: a standard bea...

by Westgarth Wines February 17, 2024

Francis Egly's terroir-driven Champagne house

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Malolactic fermentation: promotion or prevention

Malolactic fermentation: pr...

by Maurizio Broggi February 09, 2024

What could go wrong?

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Malolactic fermentation: what is it good for?

Malolactic fermentation: wh...

by Maurizio Broggi February 02, 2024

Full, partial, or not at all?

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Malolactic fermentation: lactic acid bacteria

Malolactic fermentation: la...

by Maurizio Broggi January 25, 2024

From malic to lactic: enhancing the wine's character

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Discover Barolo in six wines

Discover Barolo in six wines

by Westgarth Wines January 17, 2024

A closer look at the "King of Wines"

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Collector's corner: back to the classics

Collector's corner: back to...

by Westgarth Wines January 15, 2024

Classics never go out of style

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Uncorking 2024: fine wines and hidden gems to try

Uncorking 2024: fine wines ...

by Westgarth Wines January 04, 2024

Our Sommelier's picks for January

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Your favorite wines of 2023

Your favorite wines of 2023

by Westgarth Wines December 28, 2023

Westgarth Wines bestsellers: your most loved bottles this year

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Alcoholic fermentation: stuck fermentation

Alcoholic fermentation: stu...

by Maurizio Broggi December 21, 2023

The winemaker's nightmare

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Alcoholic fermentation: monitoring

Alcoholic fermentation: mon...

by Maurizio Broggi December 14, 2023

Overseeing the crucial moments

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