2015, Petrolo, Galatrona

Tuscany, Italy

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Score: 95

Drinking Dates: 2023-2035

Critic: Antonio Galloni

Tasted: 01-Jan-2018

The 2010 Galatrona seems to be going through a closed phase at the moment, or perhaps the bottle we opened was not exemplary. The wine boasts an inky dark appearance with sweet aromas of red rose and sweet cherry. You need to swirl your glass with great vigor to dig down deeper. As you do, it slowly releases tones of toasted nut, exotic spice and dark leather. Overall, the bouquet offers less intensity (especially compared to the exuberant, hot vintages 2011 and 2012 tasted prior to this wine in our vertical tasting). The wine ends with integrated fruit flavors and a pretty point of fresh acidity.