1996, Emmanuel Rouget, Echezeaux

Echezeaux, Burgundy, France

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Score: 94

Drinking Dates: 2021+

Critic: Allen Meadows

Tasted: 15-Apr-2018

(1.06 ha total of 60 to 65 year old vines in the sub-climats of Les Treux, that has .63 ha and in Cruots that has .43 ha, which is also known as Vignes Blanches). This is also moderately reduced. There is a velvety texture to the delicious and very round medium-bodied flavors that possess good richness but also just a trace of bitterness on the otherwise impressively persistent finish. There is a lot of gas that may very well be accentuating the sense of bitterness as the underlying tannins do seem to be sufficiently ripe. (89-91)/2019+