2000, Jacques Prieur, Chambertin

Chambertin, Burgundy, France

(Priced at per bottle)

Score: 0

Drinking Dates: NA

Critic: NA

Tasted: 01-Jan-1970

(from 5 separate parcels in both Chambertin and Clos de Bèze, which measure .84 ha; note that this figure includes the declassified vines). Here the nose is similar to that of the Gevrey 1er save for being just a touch fresher. There is also a bit better energy to the bigger-bodied and richer flavors that are also exceptionally ripe yet manage to retain slightly better balance on the noticeably warm and mocha-inflected finish. This is impressive in its fashion but it’s almost too much of a good thing. (89-92)/2023+