One of the few Champagne houses still proudly owned and operated by its founder’s family, Pol Roger is based in Épernay in the northern section of the Champagne region.Started in 1849 by Attorney Pol Roger, the House has over 160 years of Champagne production to its credit, with bottles known for their power, spirit and elegance. Unique to the region, Pol Roger owns nearly 55% of the vineyards used for their Champagne production, with holdings close to 225 acres. Grapes are sourced from highly rated Grand Cru vineyards, with each lot aged individually prior to blending. After the blending has been completed, every bottle is hand riddled (twisted to avoid sediment collection) and aged in the deep, cool cellars that rest under the château. The cellars consistently provide the ideal environment for the development of both complexity and the signature Pol Roger bubbles. Pol Roger has a long-standing relationship with the British elite, andis currently the purveyor of Champagne for Queen Elizabeth II. But perhaps its most noted British aficionado was Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill inspired the House’s prestige label, the vintage Pinot Noir-dominant Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill, introduced in 1984. Joining Churchill are three non-vintage cuvées: Pure Brut, Brut Réserve and Rich, along with three vintage wines – the Brut Vintage, Blanc de blancs and Rosé Vintage. Called a “gentleman’s” Champagne, Pol Roger continues to charm those seeking a glass of strength, charm and finesse.

Pol Roger Wine List