One of the fastest growing Champagne houses in the region, Cedric Bouchard began his own label in 2000 after years as a Paris sommelier. Starting with only three acres of vineyards in the Côte de Bar, he has maximized both his knowledge and his passion to create stunning and exceptional wines that led him to be named Champagne’s Finest Winemaker in 2008 by the Gault Millau. Bouchard subscribes to the tenets of organic farming. As such, he has one of the lowest yields. His unique philosophy of “single vineyard, single variety (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc), single vintage and zero dosage Champagnes” has become his trademark approach; he has no time for the tradition of blending from different sources or vintages, but instead, creates single vineyard, individual wines that reflect each unique vintage and origin. In short, he wants the terroir to shine. His wines are also the result of first pressing juice, which is fermented with local yeast, and stored to age slowly to create smaller bubbles – now his signature feature. Since 2014, Bouchard’s cuvées have been presented under the Roses de Jeanne label. Among the stellar line-up are Val Vilane, Côte de Bachelin, Le Creux d’Enfer Rosé, and Les Ursules, all 100% Pinor Noir; La Haute-Lemblée, 100% Chardonnay; and Bolorée, made from old, rare Pinot Blanc. With his creativity and love for the grape, it is easy to see how Cedric Bouchard can be called wine not only from the soil but from the soul.

Cedric Bouchard Wine List