A relative newcomer to the Champagne market, Boerl&Kroff was born from a childhood friendship between Patrick Sabaté and Stéphane Sésé that culminated in an impressive goal: to create the world’s most distinct, admired and legendary Champagne. With the assistance of Michel Drappier, they were given access to the fruit of some of the best Pinot Noir vineyards in Urville which were still owned by the historic Champagne Drappier. These plots represented the origins of a previous Drappier cuvée enjoyed decades prior – one crafted by Michel’s father for special dinners orchestrated by none other than Charles de Gaulle. Aficionados of the best reds from Burgundy and Bordeaux, Patrick and Stéphane wanted to recreate the depth, intensity and strength of those wines while also reprising the magic of the de Gaulle offerings. With the talents and creativity of Drappier as its producer, the challenge was not only met but exceeded in 1995, resulting in the remarkable Boerl&Kroff. The signature Boerl&Kroff features an immense richness and complexity coupled with a unique aromatic profile. Michel knew immediately upon the 1995 first harvest that the product was exceptional, and as such decided to only offer the inaugural vintage in 2500 magnums, a number of Jeroboams, and 30-liter Melchizedecks. He planned to age the wine for twelve years prior to release, and looked ahead to the 1996 harvest which, incredibly, was as unique and special as its predecessor. A handful of the 1995 vintage was released to acclaim in 2007, followed by the 1998 and a Rosé de Saigneé, with all reaching immediate renown and near-exclusive status. The Champagne’s limited availability makes it even more desirable, particularly among serious collectors. “B” by Boerl&Kroff, its second wine, offers a fresh, creamy taste on the palate, but is bottled in 750ml bottles. Only 6000 per year are produced. Boerl&Kroff succeeded in meeting its challenge: to make an extraordinary mark on the Champagne landscape by creating a legend in record time.

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