The second of three distinctive yet interconnected domaines under the leadership of Maine and Jean-Marie Guffens-Heynen, a young couple who left their native Flanders inn 1976 for Burgundy to begin a personal wine journey. Upon arriving, they began to study viticulture and work with local winegrowers. Their next step was becoming stewards of a small estate in the Mâconnais, followed by an actual purchase of their own: a few small parcels on the heights of Pierreclos. What they didn’t have in experience, they had in passion and instinct, and soon, Domaine Guffens-Heynen was born. In 1990, they added House Verget (with Castle Tourettes in 1997). Jean-Marie’s philosophy, “the best wine is made using the best grapes,” seems simple enough, and has acted as the core tenet of Verget. Seeking the best possible soils and conditions, Verget employs logic to elevate the most unique wines for each appellation. With their now signature white Burgundies, Maine and Jean-Marie have changed the landscape of winemaking; by their insistence on allowing the wine’s natural and individual characteristics to take center stage, they have produced unique bottles which are consistently bright, vibrant and thoroughly new.

Verget Wine List