Often referred to as the father of modern Burgundian winemaking, Henri Jayer is famous for crafting some of the finest and most valuable Pinot Noir wine across the globe. Starting his notable run with an inherited plot of land in Côte d’Or, he began his own label in the mid-20th century using fruit from vineyards owned by the Noirot-Camuzet family. His most celebrated wines originated from the Echézeaux and Richebourg grand cru vineyards, and the premier cru CrosParantoux. His Richebourg remains one of the most elite and expensive wines in the world. Upon his death in 2006, Domaine Henri Jayer was left to Henri’s nephew, Emmanuel Rouget. Since 2001, all Jayer vintages have been released under Rouget’s name. Due to their limited availability, Henri Jayer’s wines are among the most expensive and highly collectible on the international market. Always an innovator, Henri Jayer was of the mind that less was more. He was an advocate of sustainable agriculture while being strongly against chemical intervention to combat vineyard pests. His desire was to consistently allow each of his plots to be reflected and expressed in their respective wines, keeping the product pure, honest and authentic.

Henri Jayer Wine List