Although Domaine Henri Gouges wasn’t founded until 1920, nearly four centuries of family involvement in grape farming. At the start of his new business, Henri Gouges quickly became disenchanted by the practice of selling his products to négociants. Wanting more control over the quality of wines his domaine was helping to produce, he cut ties with his clients and began producing, bottling and selling wines all on his own terms. At the time, this was a controversial move on his part; however, his independent streak characterized the domaine for generations. Henri’s sons Marcel and Michel assumed leadership after Henri, and their sons, Pierre and Christian, did the same until turning it over to yet another generation of Gouges men, their sons Gregory and Antoine. Henri Gouges may be the best-known domaine in Nuits-Saint-Georges, as its founder made sure he was an active member of the wine community. Subsequent generations have done the same. The current domaine now covers 36 acres of near-exclusive Pinot Noir vineyards in seven premier cru sites, and includes the prestigious Les Saint-Georges appellation. A small amount of white wines is also produced under the Bourgogne Blanc appellation, and premier cru Clos des Porrets-Saint -Georges allows both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay farming. Another white hails from Les Perrières, and uses mutated Pinot Noir in the composition. Often referred to as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Musigny or even Pinot Gouges, as it was Henri who designed the method to achieve the end result. Domaine Henri Gouges wines are generally vibrant and direct, with complexity and minerality at their finest.

Henri Gouges Wine List