If you are seeking an exquisite and renowned Chardonnay, look no further than Meursault’s Domaine des Comtes Lafon. Built in 1869 by the Boch family, it wasn’t until the marriage of Jules Lafon and Marie Boch in 1894 that the domaine truly came into its own. Under Jules’s direction, the estate acquired many of the important premier cru plots in Meursault and Volnay, as well as the grand cru Le Montrachet vineyard, which collectively define the estate. After Jules Lafon's death, the future of the estate seemed bleak due to a surge in sharecropping. His grandson, René Lafon, decided to take the reins in response and put an end to the practice, thus securing the domaine’s presence. But the contracts in place remained for longer than René had hoped, and as a result, the estate was only able to produce wine erratically. By the time his son Dominique took over, the contracts were finally expiring, facilitating more control for the Lafons and opening the door to aconsistent and highly impressive production schedule.The domaine also began testing biodynamic practices at that time and went fully biodynamic in 1998. Domaine des Comte Lafon is now the leading producer in Meursault. Its dry white wines are superlative, complex and harmonious, with itsmost elite wine being is its sole grand cru, Montrachet. Montrachet has long enjoyed a reputation for both excellence and value, with price tags speaking to both. The domaine also produces premier cru red wines, which have reached nearly the same if not more regard as its whites in recent years in both popularity and quality. In 1999, the Lafon family purchased a domaine in the Maconnais at Milly Lamartine, and added a second label to its offerings, Les Héritiers du Comtes Lafon. Dominique has also established a small label of his own, with the wines hailing from Beaune.

Comtes Lafon Wine List