Robert Parker once stated that the elite Châteaux of Bordeaux are separated from their counterparts by their ability to make not just great wine, but distinctive wine. And, according to the master critic, Château La Conseillante is a member of this very exclusive, world-class group. Château La Conseillante, a leading producer in the Pomerol appellation, features the characteristic clay and gravel soil so perfect for Merlot growth. The temperate, oceanic climate inevitably impacts the vintage; however, the region’s long periods of sunshine and ideal amounts of rain generally drive all the right elements for development. And, to maintain the wine’s distinctive characteristics, vines are periodically replanted at a pace that keeps their age at approximately 30 years. The Black Pearl of Pomerol, as Merlot is called in the region, takes up 80% of Château La Conseillante’s vineyards, with the other 20% dedicated to Cabernet Franc. While the Cabernet Franc ensures freshness and structure, the Merlot brings the wine an elegance and grace unlike many of Bordeaux’s more intense Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines.

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