The Right Bank’s Pomerol, the smallest of the renowned Bordelais wine regions, is known for its outstanding natural resources and cooperative terroir. Château Clinet, one of Pomerol’s most elite and respected estates, benefits from all of them. Pomerol’s predominantly clay soil is ideal for growing Merlot, the primary grape varietal used in the appellation and the base for most of the region’s wines. The climate is also warm, and drainage is consistent. Dating back to the 17th century, Château Clinet has the additional advantage of being situated on a Gunz gravel terrace which extends along the Isle River and up towards Pomerol and Saint-Émiliion. The gravel, a by-product of the last Ice Age, supports the deep extension of vine roots into the richest, most fertile layers of soil warmed by natural volcanic stones. Heat is stored during the day and released in the evening, creating a perfect environment for ripening. As such, the wines are lush, full-bodied and refined.

Clinet Wine List