Château d’Issan is not only known for its wine but also for the stunning 18th century castle that graces the property. It is, in fact, considered one of the most beautiful estates not only in all of Bordeaux but in all of France. Located south of Château Margaux and adjacent to Château Palmer, it was ranked as a Third Growth at the Bordeaux Classification of 1855, and is most famous for its wonderfully rich, flavorful and distinctive Grand Vin that bears its name. An impressive 120 hectares in size, approximately 50 are under vine, with the majority resting within the Margaux appellation and the remaining parcels under Haut-Médoc and Bordeaux Supérieur. Dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, the rest of the land is dedicated to Merlot. D’Issan produces around 6,000 cases of its Grand Vin per annum in tandem with lesser quantities of its second wine, Blason d’Issan. The Grand Vin is aged in both old and new oaks casks for nearly a year and a half and bottled without filtration. Blason d’Issan is produced from the younger wines on the estate, features a more fruity, approachable profile, and is generally consumed much earlier. Chateau d’Issan currently operates under the direction of Emmanuel Cruse of the noted Cruse family of winemakers. In 2013, however, a portion of the estate was sold to Jacky Lorenzetti, owner of Château Pédesclaux in Pauillac and Château Lilian Ladouys in Saint-Estèphe. But the history of d’Issan goes much farther back. Records show that wines from this estate were served at the 1152 marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England, proving that it is indeed one of the most timeless classics in Bordeaux.

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