Last Chance to See: 1945 First Growths

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In the first of an occasional series, we look at a legendary vintage and see what stocks remain.

1945 in Bordeaux was one of the great vintages of the 20th Century, in many critics’ mind passing the equally famous 1961.

The association with the end of the war gives added meaning to the wines; indeed a number of people involved with making earlier vintages didn’t make it as far as 1945. More than 70 years later the wines are, unsurprisingly, scarce.

As you will see below, prices for these wines vary wildly. Some shopping around on a global scale can pay dividends, though one would have to have absolute confidence in one’s courier. The sort of customer for these wines will, no doubt, have the resources to deal with various tax and duty implications of shipping wine around the world. On the other hand, to have these kind of resources, one might not need to waste too much energy (of one’s own or one’s broker) sourcing a “bargain”.

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