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The secret is out: fine wine has become one of the most popular and sought-after luxury assets for the savvy, serious investor. Its impressive performance history catapults its reputation as a mere indulgence to a truly smart, robust addition to any investment portfolio. And, with an average annual return of 15% since 1950, fine wine has proven itself to be a financial powerhouse for its ability to remain relatively untouched by market trends and consistently outperform more traditional investments – all the while maintaining its elegance, romance and cachet.

What could be better?

At Westgarth Wines, a global leader in fine wine brokerage, we’re prepared to deliver the quality and scope of advisement you need. With our links to respected European sources, we can easily tap the most developed fine wine commodity market in the world. Our international investor base of private, institutional and bank investors proves we have the industry intelligence to guide you through the investment insiders call “liquid gold.” From sourcing and insuring to securing the storage of your treasured assets at the world’s premier facility, we can address each step of the process, maximizing your investment to its fullest potential.

Westgarth Wines. We make it happen.

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