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If you think fine wine is simply a delicious luxury, then think again. A quick look at the performance history of this universally popular drink shows it to be a robust, common-sense investment. With average annual returns of 15% since 1950, fine wine has demonstrated a powerful and incredibly consistent ability to make profit.

Westgarth’s fine wine brokerage service gives you simple access to an asset that’s not only delightful but can deliver you substantial gains. Choose fine wine and you’ll benefit from a market that is stable and relatively detached from the mainstream, making it capable of fantastic results no matter the general state of the economy. Wine not only offers you excellent porfolio diversification, it gives great inflation protection too. Having proved more stable than either platinum, silver or oil, investment experts have dubbed this exceptionally reliable asset ‘liquid gold’.

Acting as agents, Westgarth will take care of sourcing your high-potential wine and we’ll also organize insurance and storage at the world’s premier facility. Thanks to our links with the UK, you’ll benefit from the most developed fine wine commodity market there is. We not only bring you the greatest investment opportunities, but the expertise you need to bring them to fruition.

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Four Great Reasons to Choose Westgarth for your Fine Wine Investments

Stellar performance

Fine wine has outperformed almost every major financial index
for 20 years

Consistent price rises of 10 to 15% per annum since 1950


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Access the global market

Access the largest, most liquid secondary fine wine market
in existence

Prove perfect provenance via the UK in-bond trading system

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Unsurpassed storage

Get preferential storage at Corsham Cellars, the world’s
leading facility

Preserve your wine in a pristine state for maximum sale value


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Low-risk Investment

A relatively detached market that can perform well in all economic conditions

A stable market with a unique, inverse relationship between supply and demand

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