The House of Egly Ouriet is, in comparison to its competitors, still young, having been founded in 1930. But in less than 100 years, it has proven itself to be one of the most creative forces behind Pinot Noir-driven Champagne. More artisans than craftsmen, the Egly family members who have steered this ship have shared a unique and visionary approach to winemaking, intent on creating wines like no other. Called in some wine circles the “closest thing to Burgundy wine with bubbles,” Francis Egly, who currently leads his family’s operation, looks to Burgundy producers for inspiration – he had adopted their techniques of not only harvesting only the most ripe grapes (which is rare among Champagne producers) but also aging his wines on lees for longer than almost any other house. The result is an incredible Champagne experience – one of sumptuous character, concentrated depth and a structure that can only be developed through the extended aging process he employs. It is not an understatement to call Egly Ouriet a trailblazer in winemaking artistry.

Egly Ouriet Wine List