Domaine François Raveneau is known for Chablis that falls nothing short of perfection. Controlling many of the most esteemed sites in the appellation, the wines have a magnificence to which even the most loyal red wine aficionado would have to succumb. Founded in 1948, Raveneau shifted direction when he acquired new vineyards through his marriage, becoming the first in his family to bottle and sell wines made from his own vines. The 20-acre domaine now holds three grand cru (Blanchot, Les Clos and Valmur) and six premier cru sites (Montée de Tonnerre, Les Vaillons, Butteaux, Chapelot, Montmains, and Forêt) in Chablis. In 2007, a newly acquired parcel of village-classified Chablis was added to the portfolio. Most of the vines are 30+ years old, with some in Montée de Tonnerre as old as 50 years or more. The domaine is one of the few that still harvests by hand. After harvesting, the grapes are immediately pressed and settled for 12 hours. Fermentation in indigenous yeast follows in cuve, with malolactic conversion proceeding at its own pace. The wine is then aged in small oaks barrels for up to a decade. Raveneau’s premier crus are almost as esteemed as its grand crus, with Montée de Tonnerre and Chapelot considered some of the top wines in all of Chablis. All the wines are creamy, buttery, and slightly perfumed. In a word, divine.

Raveneau Wine List