Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

    West of Pomerol on Bordeaux’s Right Bank, just north of the Dordogne River, lies a very treasured spot that is thought to be slightly magical: Saint-Émilion.  Historically, the town can trace its roots to the days of the Romans, and its charm, antiquity and beauty are a testament to that.  In fact, Saint-Émilion is almost as renowned for its architecture and overall visual appeal as it is for its fine wines.  

    But the charming little town also has grit: in response to being overlooked for inclusion in the famous 1855 Classification, Saint-Émilion took things into its own hands and designed a counter-classification of its own, basing it on soil quality, wine analysis and property reputation. In many ways, its system is more organic and discriminating; because it is revised periodically (most recently in 2012), it compels properties to maintain their production quality and prove deserving of inclusion.  No “sitting on one’s laurels” is allowed. The Saint-Émilion classification presents two tiers of wine: Premium Grand Cru Classé and Grand Cru Classé, with 18 properties currently classified as Premium Grand Cru and 64 as Grand Cru.   

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    Saint Emilion Wine List

    Vintage Wine Case Price
    2011 L'If $950
    2012 L'If $1,525
    2014 L'If $3,625
    2017 L'If $1,725
    2018 L'If $2,000
    2014 L'If $1,225
    1998 Gomerie $1,875
    2001 Croix Labrie $1,100
    2009 Croix Labrie $1,825
    1996 Dome $1,775
    2000 Dome $2,050
    2001 Dome $1,550
    2004 Dome $1,375
    2005 Dome $2,525
    2009 Dome $4,150
    2010 Dome $4,100
    2011 Dome $1,450
    2014 Dome $910
    2015 Dome $1,900
    2016 Dome $1,600

    total products.