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    While South Australia and Western Australia garner more attention, wine lovers should not dismiss other regions, especially the vast South Eastern GI, which covers the entire southeastern third of the continent. This massive super zone includes New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, the Capital Territory and certain southeastern sections of Queensland and South Australia – basically, every state on the continent with the exception of Western Australia. By implementing this classification, wine producers can source the grapes they need among all these districts in order to retain product continuity and regional reputation.


    Born out of the need to support new populations of gold miners, the state of Victoria’s wine industry came about during the region’s farming surge. Now a well-regarded wine producing region, Victoria, based in Australia’s southeastern edge, enjoys the freshest and coolest climate on the continent. As a result, it is able to sustain the temperamental Pinot Noir as well as Chardonnay, and has had great success in cultivating northern Italian varietals such as Sangiovese and Barbera, especially in the Yarra Valley. The valley’s comfortably cool climate facilitates a long ripening period beneficial to Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz as well, yielding wines of complexity, elegance and depth.

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    Other Australian

    Vintage Wine Case Price
    2005 Giaconda, Warner Vineyard Shiraz $1,070
    2017 Tolpuddle Vineyard, Pinot Noir $1,250
    2016 Giaconda, Chardonnay $1,480
    2002 Castagna, Beechworth Shiraz Genesis Sparkling $1,050
    2018 Mayer, Close Planted Pinot Noir $1,050
    2005 Yarra Yering, Dry Red N°1 $1,580
    2006 Yarra Yering, Dry Red N°1 $1,080
    2004 Yarra Yering, Underhill Shiraz $1,100
    2005 Yarra Yering, Underhill Shiraz $1,300
    2006 Wild Duck Creek, Reserve Shiraz $1,075
    2004 Yarra Yering, Dry Red N°2 $1,300
    2018 Crittenden, Hermanos Tempranillo $480
    2016 Ten Minutes by Tractor, Pinot Noir $530
    2017 Ten Minutes by Tractor, Chardonnay Wallis $620
    2015 Terlato & Chapoutier, L-Block Shiraz $570
    2017 Ten Minutes by Tractor, Pinot Noir Judd $760
    2011 Tyrrells, Hunter Shiraz Vat 9 $680
    2005 Paringa, Shiraz Paringa $1,000
    2018 Mayer, Dr Mayer Pinot Noir $1,050
    2015 Clonakilla, Shiraz Viognier $1,000
    2005 Yarra Yering, Potsorts $1,300
    1998 Dalwhinnie, Moonambel Cabernet Sauvignon $1,150
    2015 Giaconda, Estate Vineyard Shiraz $1,150
    2016 Giaconda, Estate Vineyard Shiraz $1,200
    2017 Giaconda, Estate Vineyard Shiraz $1,150
    2004 Wild Duck Creek, Springflat Shiraz $870
    2006 Wild Duck Creek, Alan's Cabernet Sauvignon $760
    2012 Yabby Lake, Single Vineyard Pinot Noir $770
    2017 Ten Minutes by Tractor, Coolart Road Pinot Noir $760
    2013 Giaconda, Estate Vineyard Chardonnay $1,475
    2016 Curly Flat, Macedon Ranges Chardonnay $900
    2015 Curly Flat, Pinot Noir $1,000
    2016 Curly Flat, Pinot Noir $970
    2016 Curly Flat, Pinot Noir $520
    2017 Ten Minutes by Tractor, Pinot Noir Wallis $760
    2015 Mount Mary, Quintet $920
    2015 Mount Mary, Chardonnay $750
    1998 Dalwhinnie, Moonambel Shiraz $1,150
    2002 Dalwhinnie, Moonambel Shiraz $960
    2004 Dalwhinnie, Moonambel Shiraz $1,090
    2005 Dalwhinnie, Moonambel Shiraz $1,110
    2007 Dalwhinnie, Moonambel Shiraz $1,030

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