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The Importance of Provenance

Perfect provenance of fine wine increases its desirability and value. This becomes especially important when it comes to wine investment and the future sale of the same. A detailed history and seal of authenticity are the only available links that offer potential buyers the proof and assurance of proper storage for that specific case or vintage of wine. In fact, it is often the first confirmation a buyer requests when interested in a purchase. If a wine’s storage has been compromised, thus possibly spoiling the product, the investment will be negatively impacted.

Because of our relationships with the top wine storage facilities across the globe, clients of Westgarth Wines can be assured of the origin and history of their wine, and that it has been meticulously curated by professionally managed and highly respected cellars. Even more, clients can trust that the appropriate documentation exists to support all custody details.


Storage Options

When you have made a significant investment in fine wine, it is critical that its storage offers the protection it deserves. That holds true whether you choose to store your wine in a home cellar or in a professionally managed facility.

A home cellar can be a viable option for those whose inventory is relatively low, and who intend to consume their wine acquisitions sooner rather than later. It eliminates the costs associated with outside facilities, offers conditions which help to preserve and protect the wine, and obviously provides the easiest and most direct access to the product. Still, a home cellar has the disadvantage of not providing important documentation on the wine in question – where it came from, where it’s been stored, for how long, and so on. This paper trail becomes increasingly critical when resale comes into play, as serious buyers and investors will ultimately require proof of the wine’s history before taking that final step.

In cases where imminent consumption is not a factor, professional, top-tier storage facilities offer oenophiles a safer option. They offer the many features that define a superior wine storage facility: perfectly consistent temperatures, non-existent natural light; minimal to no environmental vibrations; and optimally controlled humidity levels. In tandem, these facilities generally include professional management and transport services. Such attributes all work to promise security, safety and uncompromised product integrity – qualities important to investors and consumers alike.

While American storage facilities offer similar advantages, there are basic differences between east and west coast approaches. The east coast tends to take its cue from Europe: its facilities are more traditional in approach, and apply stringent limitations on outside access. Customers are not allowed inside the facilities; instead, professionally trained staff is entrusted with the care, curation and transport of the wine in question. But most important, these cellars consistently deliver comprehensive, verifiable, and impartial third party documentation on a wine’s history, thus guaranteeing its future market value.

Conversely, west coast storage options tend to be more casual in style. Forgoing the European guidelines employed by the east, these facilities predominantly offer climate-controlled lock-up units supervised by local staff. There is neither a professional registry associated with such storage, nor is proof of provenance or a documented history delivered. But if access is an owner’s priority, this option might be the one to pursue.

Westgarth’s Storage Partners

Westgarth Wines is proud to partner with Horse Ridge Cellars, or HRC, a remote, highly regarded storage vault located on an idyllic 127-acre farm in rural New England. The only facility of its kind in the United States, HRC was initially constructed in 1962 as a bomb shelter for insurance documents in response to the period’s Cold War. Ideally positioned between New York City and Boston, MA, it is the trusted favorite among distinguished auction houses in Manhattan and beyond. The HRC team of exceptional, highly-trained wine professionals personally ensures the safety of all wines stored both temporarily and long-term, and provides a wide array of transportation and management services, all at an excellent value.

In addition to HRC, Westgarth Wines is also fortunate to partner with Octavian Corsham Cellars, considered by many to be the world’s most well-respected storage facility. Located deep within England’s Wiltshire countryside, this historic site was first built by the British military in 1934 as a bombproof ammunition store. Use of this unrivaled storehouse allows a collector to preserve their wine in pristine conditions, prove excellent provenance and secure its current and future value.

Westgarth Wines is delighted to count both Horse Ridge Cellars and Corsham Cellars among its fine wine storage resources.

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