Terms and Conditions


The placing and accepting of verbal orders shall form a contract on these terms. Written confirmation of the orders will be delivered in an invoice prior to payment.

Upon receipt of full payment into our bank account, we will purchase the wine from our suppliers, if not already purchased as soon as is reasonably possible, within 28 days of receipt.


The price is in USD and unless specified otherwise is per case of 12x75cl bottles and all prices are exclusive of UK VAT Tax and Californian Sales Tax. The prices are provisional and subject to our confirmation, upon acceptance of the order.

Our prices include 12 free months storage and insurance through Nexus Wine Collections at Octavian Corsham Cellars, Wilshire, England.

Prices are determined in-house and therefore the same wine may be found cheaper or more expensive elsewhere


Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment but we also accept US checks. Until payment of the invoice is made in full we may retain possession of any goods to which you would otherwise be entitled.

If any payment is overdue we are entitled to cancel any outstanding trade and/or suspend deliveries/collections. Overdue sums will accrue interest from the payment date at 5% above the Bank of America base rate.

Title and Risk

We shall retain title to all goods sold by us until all sums due from you in respect to any order have been paid. Risk in all goods shall pass to you as soon as they have been delivered or when we notify you that they are available to collect.


We undertake the proper safekeeping and storage of wines in our possession and will act in good faith when purchasing wine, but we will not be responsible for the state and conditions of wines or whether the wines correspond to the qualities, which might be expected from their description.


Unless previously arranged otherwise bottled wines will be delivered free of charge to your account in Octavian Corsham Cellar, England or to any other bonded warehouse facility in UK providing this information is provided at the time of purchase. Alternatively as your agent, we can arrange transportation to the United States, at cost price.


You undertake to inspect all goods when collecting or immediately on delivery to your account in Octavian or to a specified address and to notify us, or the carrier forthwith of any shortage, damage or other deficiency. You will be deemed to have accepted the goods as satisfying your order 14 days after collection/delivery, and thereafter will not be entitled to reject wines for any reason.

Storage & Insurance

All wines are sold with a free 12 months storage and insurance at Octavian Corsham Cellars from date of purchase providing you open an account with Nexus Wine Collections.

After the initial 12 months you will be responsible for your own Storage and Insurance costs. Currently under $25 per case annually.

Nexus Wine Collections Terms and Conditions apply.


If any payment is overdue for 14 days or the goods have not been collected or we have not been given a Nexus account to deliver to within three months of being available, or there is an earlier indication from you that a payment will not be made or the goods will not be collected, we shall be entitled to send you written notice to the invoice address of our intention to deal with, sell or otherwise dispose of the goods and 7 days thereafter we shall be at liberty to do so unless payment in full is received or goods are collected before the close of business on the seventh day. Any method of resale is entirely at our discretion.

Upon resale you will receive a credit of 80% or the lower of the net proceeds of the resale and price of our original sale to you. Any balance after the credit shall remain payable by you and shall continue to accrue interest.

Force Majeure

We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


All our contracts are made under Californian Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Superior Court of California, county of Los Angeles.


E & OE – June 2013


Nexus Wine Collections Ltd

All storage and insurance of wine purchased through us will be stored for 12 months free of charge at Octavian Corsham Cellars through Nexus Wine Collections. After the initial 12-month period all further costs will be the responsibility of the client and should be paid directly to Nexus Wine Collections.

Nexus Wine Collections Ltd
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Wilt SN8 1AL

01144 1672 513 028

Our Company Information

Westgarth Wines is a trading name for Westgarth Wine Investment Brokers Inc.
Westgarth Wine Investment Brockers Inc. is a company registered in Californian, Californian Corporation Number 3470223.

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475 Washington Blvd
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We can be contacted by the phone on 310 943 9336
or via email at info@westgarthwines.com

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