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Chinese are buying fine wines ‘like never before’, says US auction house Acker Merrall


Chinese people are increasingly snapping up fine wines from around the globe, especially in Hong Kong which has become an import sourcing hub for mainland consumers, according to American wine auction house Acker Merrall & Condit.

Has Stability Arrived For Fine Wine Market?


For the first time since July 2010 the bid:offer ratio on Liv-ex (the total value of bids on the Liv-ex exchange divided by the total value of offers) has risen past 100%, a positive sign for fine wine prices as, historically, a bid:offer ratio of over 50% indicates an uptrend in the market – and price stability.

Fine Wine Drifts In October, Still In Positive Territory For Year


Trading activity on the Liv-ex exchange reached its highest level since March but the Fine Wine 100 index went down 0.6%, following a flat August and September. Nonetheless, the index is still in positive territory on the year-to-date, up 0.7%.

Liv-ex May Recap


May kept most of the industry’s focus on the En Primeur campaigns, but trading continued on the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 and the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50. Both ran mostly flat for the month with the Fine Wine 100 drifting down 0.06% and the Fine Wine 50 gaining only 0.08%.

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