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Westgarth Wine ServicesThe team at Westgarth Wines strives to provide our clients with only the highest caliber of service. We know that there are other wine brokers operating across the globe which are vying for the patronage of serious wine collectors, investors and consumers. That’s why we are committed to going the extra mile when it comes to our slate of diverse services and advisement. Along with delivering the best wines available, we aim to keep our clients updated on market trends, current market data, product value, and shrewd investment strategies. In addition, the expertise of our trained representatives allows them to share informed recommendations on building a wine portfolio as well as to identify optimal drinking and/or selling dates according to character, vintage and region of origin.

Westgarth Wines – Your “Case Specialist”

Unlike our competitors, Westgarth Wines is unique in its practice of handling wine transactions exclusively by the case. A leader in sourcing and securing fine wines, especially old world European wines, we never deal in individual bottles; instead, each case we manage is carefully stored in traditional wooden units to ensure the wine’s quality and integrity. The result is a product that retains a high desirability among buyers. We also offer cash bids for full cases should a client wish to sell previous acquisitions. Our clients can be confident in the transparency of our brokering services, inspiring a greater comfort level.

Storage and Cellar Management Services

Westgarth Wines maintains alliances with truly peerless wine storage facilities, among them, America’s esteemed Horse Ridge Cellars and Europe’s unrivaled Octavian Corsham Cellars. These meticulously vetted partnerships ensure that a client’s wine will be managed carefully, mature safely and maximize its resale value. For a more detailed presentation on storage arrangements, please visit our Wine Storage page.

Additional Services

Sourcing: Westgarth Wines stands by its sourcing process, which ensures that all cases will offer wine with perfect corks, perfect labels and perfect levels. These attributes heighten the wine’s overall value and future sales appeal.

Deliveries: Wine deliveries are facilitated in a variety of ways. We can deliver wine in the US at cost in partnership with a 3rd party importer; and, we can guarantee deliveries within 10 to 14 business days provided the desired product is in stock and climate conditions present no obstacles. Further, these deliveries can be direct placement into wine accounts, or direct delivery to a designated location. Please note that at the present time, deliveries cannot be scheduled to either Utah or Massachusetts.

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