Westgarth Wines Privacy Policy

Westgarthwines.com is designed to give site users a clear insight into the company, its services and what you can expect.  We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of our clients’ personal information.  It is important to us that we provide you with a service that you can trust.

We collect non-public personal information about our clients.  We will never divulge this information either by selling, renting or giving away these details to anyone without your prior written consent.

Whenever you give Westgarth Wines non-public personal data you are consenting to its collection and use under our privacy policy, which includes us contacting you via phone, e-mail and mail.

If at any time you wish no longer to be contacted you can remove your details from our system by e-mailing us at info@westgarthwines.com.

Westgarth Wines uses your data to provide you with a service and for marketing purposes. We also use your details for administration purposes. You can at any time opt out of these services.

Westgarth Wines may use your personal details to monitor the use of this site, record traffic flows and to carry out research relating to demographics and interests and behavior.  Westgarth Wines does this to understand its users and clients better.  We retain your details for a reasonable period or for as long as required to by law.

We use third party services that use cookies to track non-personal identifiable information about our visitors to our site.  We monitor usage and volume statistics to better understand our customers and provide a better service.  This information is not connected to any of your personal information.

Westgarth Wines will not disclose your personal details unless it is required to do so under law.

Westgarth Wines respects the confidentiality of our clients and users of our website and we keep their details secure.  No unauthorized staff can access clients with the correct usernames and passwords.

By registering your details with Westgarth Wines you are agreeing to receive newsletters and e-mail bulletins from us.

Cookies Policy

We aim to offer the website user the best possible experience and a great way of doing this is to analyze the ways in which people use it.  By storing small bits of information about your visit called Cookies we are able to use analytics and gather data regarding how long you were on certain pages and which links you followed.   Cookies do not identify you personally and can be removed by changing the settings in your internet browser.

Westgarth Wines uses several cookies in different places.   We use Google Analytics to measure our site visitors, which page they visit, how long they stay on it and which links they click to get there.

Here are the Cookies we use.

_utma              This cookie records how many times a certain user has visited the site, there first and last visit.

_utmb             This cookie records the date and time a user enters the site.

_utmc              This cookie records the date and time that user leaves the site.

_utmz              This cookie keeps track of where the visitor came from which searched engine they came from and which words they used to search. This cookie also records which links were used to get to the site.

Xs, sub, s, presence, p, lu, datr, csm, c_user, act,  are all cookies that if you are logged into facebook and use a ‘like’ button you will use.  If you are not logged in they will not be used.

Pid, _twitter_sess, k, guest_id, original_referrer, are all cookies that are set by twitter.


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