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With its strong ties to the UK, Westgarth Wines brings the finest, most informed fine wine brokerage services to our clientele and access to the world’s largest fine wine commodity market – a market that operates within a government-regulated system that routinely documents provenance. As a result, we can offer investors unrivaled benefits that set the stage for acquiring maximum returns. The fact that our clients also have the option of storing their assets at Corsham Cellars, the world’s safest and most desirable storage facility, gives Westgarth Wines the ability to not only connect them to an elite pool of buyers but also guarantee the safety and integrity of the product.

The team at Westgarth Wines is proud of our market knowledge and impressive track record of success. In fact, our staff is required to be certified by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, or WSET, before they can serve in an investment advisory capacity. This specialized training also underlines our company’s prestigious membership in Liv-ex. As one of only 400 Liv-ex members worldwide, the Westgarth Wines sets itself apart from the average brokerage service, bringing an elevated expertise in luxury wine investment practices that position our clients for significant returns.

Along with our financial advisement and top-tier storage, Westgarth Wines can easily facilitate wine delivery to the majority of states in the US, lending us yet another advantage over our competitors.

Finally, Westgarth Wines is equipped to keep you continuously updated on your investments: we provide photographic condition reports, the most current market performance data, and recommendations on the best time to buy or sell.

Westgarth Wines. When it comes to fine wine investment, we’re with you every step of the way.

About Alexander Westgarth, Founder and President

Alexander Westgarth’s road to fine wine brokering was an interesting one.

alexAs a boy growing up in Hampstead, London, he exhibited multiple talents: he was a young violin protégé as well as a top class athlete, representing England in her National Under 19 Basketball Team. While life was good, he was eager to learn about the world beyond the U.K. His curiosity brought him to 30 countries before the age of 20, when he began his tenure as an English instructor in Asia where he taught for nearly two years.

Upon his return to England, his newly-minted appreciation for diverse cultures – including their unique and diverse wine offerings – was ripe. Taking job at a British asset management firm, he spent the next several years learning about investment-caliber wines and how to service this luxury asset’s discriminating clientele. Westgarth was a quick study, and he soon began developing a reputation as a smart, savvy advisor to serious, globally-based wine investors.

After years of consulting for other organizations, Westgarth decided to combine his love for wine and his talent for architecting successful investment strategies. The result was Westgarth Wines, headquartered in Los Angeles with a satellite office in London. In only a few short years, the company has put its stamp on the fine wine market landscape, servicing an impressive, rapidly growing roster of investors across the globe and managing millions of dollars in wine assets.

A discerning businessman and a first class oenophile Alexander Westgarth is a hands-on leader, overseeing his company’s operations from offices in both Los Angeles and London. With business interests in England, the U.S. and continental Europe, his approach is truly one of international sophistication, blending his acumen for smart, profitable luxury wine investing with his continued passion for the beauty of the vine.



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