World’s Most Wanted Bordeaux

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They say that self-praise is no praise at all, but Wine-Searcher users can congratulate themselves on their taste. When they search for wines, they search for the very best, and nowhere is this more true than Bordeaux.

Few regions capture the wine lover’s imagination like this one does. The Bordeaux wine region is legendary as much for the quality of its wines as the prices they command. The great wines of Bordeaux – and let’s be honest, we’re mostly talking red wine here – are the wines people speak of when they speak of the great wines of the world.

Sure, Burgundy has the twin cachets of high price and hen’s-teeth rarity, but once you get past the DRCs and Henri Jayers, the big names evaporate quickly. The Bordeaux region, by contrast, has 60 classed growths on just the Left Bank of the Gironde estuary, which include the heavyweight wines of the Médoc, like Mouton, Lafite and Latour, three of the most hallowed names in wine. Another 61 classed growths occupy the Right Bank, and one of the Bordeaux region’s most famous – and expensive – wines doesn’t even get a classification: Pomerol’s feted Petrus.

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