Bordeaux’s Most Expensive Wines

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It’s not often “Bordeaux” crops up in the same sentence as “bargain” – especially in an article about expensive wines – but there is a case to be made that, when it comes to value, Bordeaux punches above its weight.

That’s not to say Bordeaux’s best wines are cheap – they aren’t. But a comparison with other regions suggests a certain level of parsimony among the good burghers of Bordeaux; after all, the average price for basic Bordeaux has remained pretty much unchanged for five years at $13; by contrast, Bourgogne Rouge sits at an average of $24.

But even when it comes to the big names, Bordeaux manages to to keep it respectably affordable, at least on a relative scale. The cost of a bottle of each of the 10 most expensive wines from Bordeaux adds up to a hefty $15,584, but the 10 most expensive Burgundies will set you back almost four times as much – $58,511. Even the Mosel ($30,474) and Champagne ($20,393) have higher aggregate price tags for the 10 most expensive wines. Continue Reading: Wine Searcher

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