Monthly Archives: November 2013

Investments of Passion Still Reign Supreme


In the face of a compromised global economy, made even more fragile by a problematic credit crunch that has plagued the financial arena for nearly a decade, the number of the world’s High Net Worth Individuals, or HNWIs, has, surprisingly, seen a solid and impressive surge.    Wealth-X, one of the world’s most definitive and accurate wealth intelligence firms, reported that 2012 showed a 5% increase in the number of people who met the firm’s definition of true “ultra-wealth,” that being, the possession of net assets meeting or exceeding $30M.  Further, the report predicts that the next ten years will yield an even greater growth of HNWIs, reflecting a 50% cumulative increase in people reaching and crossing this $30M wealth barometer.  Still, the capricious economic problems which continue to impact the financial landscape have prompted even the super-rich to seek investment channels that pose less risk but nonetheless meet their appetite for glamour and diversity.  Despite its reputation for being a potentially volatile “investment of passion,” fine wine continues to perform exceptionally well among the elite investor.

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